Surveys in the virtual reality for Unity developers

Use power and simplicity of Google Forms directly in Unity

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A. Set up survey in 3 steps:

  1. Create (or clone) survey in Google Forms
  2. Migrate survey to Unity using our asset
  3. Customize survey in Unity: change locations for generated question boards, set up triggers and dependencies for answers etc.

You can connect the answers (categories) to your virtual space and change the space interactively, for example for designing public spaces like squares and parks (tree density, benches, sidewalks surface); or for house / interior design (chairs, tables, carpets, lights, walls). Respondents can immediately see all changes according to their answers.

B. Collect responses:

Built-in features for easy survey completing for users/players:

  • different kinds of movement: arrows on the question board teleport to the next / previous question; pin above the question board teleports to the question
  • easy navigation in the environment: easy visible pins for every question floating above question boards
  • Intuitive progress visualization: green or red color for (in) completed question of the pin above question and of the question tiles in the survey menu
  • asterisk mark * for „required” question on the question board and on the question tile in the survey menu
  • built-in survey menu for better orientation and navigation between the questions
  • survey menu prefab contains a grey curtain which covers up the space near the survey menu so the player can be focused just on what’s in the survey menu

C. Analyze data:

After export from Unity, all responses are available in Google Forms for analysis, creation of charts and tables etc.

Or alternatively, analyze data directly from provided *.csv file.

Accelerate feedback loop for your Unity project

Asset Features

Scripts for export/import from/to Google Forms included

Includes a basic player to move and interact within the 3D space

Includes demo scene with test survey

Steam VR support

We have prepared a script and a tutorial for virtual reality integration, tested with HTC Vive.

Extensive Documentation

Buy our asset in the Unity Asset Store >>

About us

We are working on a service to collect responses in the virtual reality (VR) environment or any other virtual world. With more than 10 years’ experience in providing online surveys platform, we want to extend our service into the virtual worlds.

Asset has been developed with Czech University of Life Sciences Prague – Virtual Reality Lab of HUBRU (Human Behavior Research Unit).

Why the name „XR surveys“? XR = (VR virtual reality) + (AR augmented reality)

XRsurveys is provided by i-dotazník s.r.o., a limited company registered by Prague Municipal Court under file C 323320.
i-dotazník s.r.o.
Business ID: 08689784 Tax ID: CZ08689784
Adress: 198 00 Prague 9, Burdova 407/33, Czech Republic

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Doing surveys in virtual/augmented reality as easy as web surveys.


„Survey Monkey” for virtual/augmented reality.







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Google Forms for virtual reality VR – literally.



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